Mummas Off the Street initiative

Too many mothers have been left desolate on the street scrounging for whatever they can find to survive and feed their children. Their situations are so dire that aid given must address immediate as well as future needs. These are not lazy individuals who have been breeding children for lack of something else to do, as society sometimes perceives them.

Too many of these ladies have been deserted by their husbands, rejected by families and left to etch out whatever living they can to survive from day to day. Most of these women have little or no formal education, with little or no employable skills, yet they awaken early daily to try and provide for their offspring and themselves. Sporadic, inadequate food is the most they can generally provide their children.

Brendan Singhdeo, founder and director of Chosen Servant Ministries saw this as a huge problem, especially when considering implications for the next generation of Malagasy people.  The solution was to get the Mummas off the Street by helping alleviate current problems, invest in their futures and invest in their children’s futures. If the mothers have no food to eat and no shelter they cannot be expected to stop their daily struggle long enough to improve themselves for all their futures. If they do not improve now, their futures will be spent begging, scavenging and selling collected trash. If their children are not educated then the future of Madagascar is bleak.

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Project objectives

The Mummas Off the Street project identifies individuals who are willing to cooperate with a view to becoming independent and helping those ladies help themselves holistically.

It is a slow process that requires funds and human resources and yet a very necessary service nonetheless. The Mummas Off the Street project may very well be integral to solving the poverty situation in Madagascar.

You can help support this cause by purchasing products hand made by the mothers in this program.